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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Eliminate Boredom

Eliminate Boredom


Boredom is a natural feeling that afflicts a person when he has long free time, and in many cases we find people complaining about the problem of boredom, even though life has become full of fun and things that occupy time, but boredom will not change with the change of life.

The person must fill his free time to overcome the problem of boredom, by doing anything such as going out with friends or cleaning the house or other things, the problem may aggravate with the person to become depressed and sick, so he must do anything to avoid this.

How to get rid of feeling bored

Find something to do

v    Read a new novel and divide it into several parts until one or two parts are read every day, or do a reading group with friends to read the books and interestingly discuss them in the public library or at home.

v     Preparing something, such as doing a fresh cook, or preparing a simple art or science project.

v     Playing one of the classic games, such as chess or cards, because these games are one of the most entertaining for everyone, especially the more people who play them.

v     Make a list of things that a person wants to do, such as favorite movies they want to watch, go climbing, or other fun things.

v     Writing a letter to an old friend, it is fun writing letters and waiting to respond to them impatiently, which improves the social relations of the person.

v     Creating different things to do, often we stick to the routine and familiar things, so it is wonderful to break out of the ordinary and do new things.

v     Communicating with friends and planning various projects with them, such as going out to shop, drinking coffee, or other activities.

v     Dancing, because dancing is one of the happiest things that help push out negative energy from the body.

v     Singing, by placing the song's music and singing with it.

v     Planning a party at home. People around us often feel bored, so it is good to plan a party with them to spend some fun time.

Avoid boredom

v     Stay away from boring people who always complain, because the people around us influence us greatly, so when you are around boring people we will become like them.

v     Carrying out physical activity, such as going to a gym, biking, or other activities.

v     Getting a job or volunteering in a humanitarian organization to fill the void.

v     If a person does not find what they are doing, it is a good idea to get some rest and go to sleep.

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