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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to Be Happy in Life

How to Be Happy in Life

Love what you do

Care must be taken to love the things and works that we do, so it is preferable to do favorite things that are enjoyable to perform, as spending time doing favorite things and works are considered one of the most important things that improve the quality of life and makes it happier, so if it is not possible to do a favorite job With us, you can search for a favorite hobby, activity or game.

Play and have fun

Life should not always be taken seriously. Although all people have responsibilities, there is no reason why life is far from fun. This promotes happiness in oneself. Therefore it is advised to play favorite games and sports, or go to parks and gardens.


Life can contain many irritants that make people unhappy and make them unhappy, so one of the best ways to be happy is to get rid of anger as soon as possible, in addition to that you must deal with all the daily problems before bed and this leads to good sleep and not to be lost The time for anger makes life complicated and troubled.

Meditation practice

One of the studies conducted on some people who practiced meditation for eight weeks, during which their brain tests were monitored before and after their participation in the meditation cycle demonstrated that meditation effectively helps in emptying and calming the dental mind, and it can also be more effective when practiced Individual, and regular meditation contributes to reconnecting and operating the brain to improve levels of happiness, in addition to this meditation helps to improve focus and attention and keep calm, so it is preferred to practice a few minutes of meditation to enhance the feeling of satisfaction and calm along with increased sympathy Awareness.

Get enough sleep

A lot of research published in 2017 proved that sleep plays an important and necessary role in physical and mental health, as sleep is important to increase focus, enhance memory, and maintain brain health, which makes accepting things that happen daily easier, so sleep increases the feeling of happiness and well-being, People who do not sleep well are at risk of depression, and a study at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom has shown that having a good rest period increases the level of individual satisfaction.

Spend more time outdoors

Research confirms that happiness and comfort in life can be obtained by spending more time outside, and to get the best results more time must be spent in nature. One study has shown that looking at green spaces makes people happier, in addition to that, a recent experience has shown Researchers from the University of British Columbia did those people who pondered little details in nature for one minute, increased happiness and increased contact with their peers further.

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