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Friday, April 3, 2020

How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

Begin with the basics of important life

 A girl can gradually delight herself and her soul. For example, instead of starting directly with meditation and deep thinking exercises, the body can be given rest by sleeping, and not feeling hungry, as this has a major impact on happiness.

Call the mother

The researchers confirmed that the experiences have shown increased feelings of happiness in girls after talking to and communicating with their mothers because the mother's voice relieves stress and increases the hormone oxytocin responsible for feelings of happiness.


 Tolerance and forgiveness of the mistakes of others are among the most important factors in mental health, a feeling of comfort, happiness, and reassurance because hatred and grudge make matters worse and negatively affect a person's psyche.

Go walking

Some studies have proven that walking with an upright posture, with steady shoulders and a smile helps people achieve happiness and reassurance; therefore, a person must be careful to walk daily while he is smitten and not grouchy.

Engage in recreational activities

Some recreational activities, such as watching TV, contribute to happiness in the soul, while the activities in which a person engages with and deals with others contribute to obtaining greater amounts of happiness and comfort.

 Pretending to be happy

A person can feel happy by pretending about it because feelings are usually linked to behaviors. For example, a person who feels bad can play the role of happy and thus will feel that he is happier than before, or if a person feels angry with one of them, he can play a role that is not He is indifferent or angry, and thus will find himself already not as angry.

 Buy happiness

People can find some happiness by spending some money on family, health, and new experiences. For example, buying a good digital camera to photograph a sister’s wedding is a delight and a delight.

The smell of clementine and vanilla candle

 A study conducted by the Chemical Senses magazine demonstrated that the smell of clementine fruit and the smell of luminous vanilla candle arouses feelings of happiness in humans.

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