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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to become a more attractive man

How to become a more attractive man

Attention to the external appearance

The individual should take care of his external appearance by coordinating the clothes he wears and choosing what suits him, and the man or young man can look attractive by wearing clean and tidy clothes in addition to paying attention to the fact that the clothes suit the social occasions he attends.

Weight control

 One of the things that helps a man to look handsome is taking care of his health and weight, and this is why he must exercise and eat healthy food and adhere to that, especially when getting older, because the metabolism process slows down and therefore weight gain is more likely, and the man is not attractive if he is not interested in the health of his body and weight.

Doing facial exercises

 A man can do some facial exercises to obtain ideal facial muscles, in addition to improving the quality of the skin and skin, and the exercises that can be followed:

·         Fill the mouth with air, and then slowly release this air from the mouth, to try to tighten the cheek muscles.

·         Lifting the lower lip to the highest possible level, while keeping the head high for some time, and then slowly lowering the chin down, this process can be repeated 10-12 times.

Pay attention to the appearance of the teeth

The man must pay attention to the health of his mouth and teeth to look handsome, and this can be done by following some good habits that improve the appearance of the smile, including following healthy methods that prevent bad breath and cleaning teeth periodically, in addition to cleaning the tongue and gums, and it can also Consult with the dentist for the best orthodontic options and repair.

Other things increase the handsome man

 The man should be educated

One of the things that increase an individual’s attractiveness is the possession of much cultural information and many ways enable the individual to gain more culture, by reading more books, watching various films, and listening to music, as it enhances the culture of the individual, even a little.

Walking Confidence

Self-confidence is one of the things that enhances the handsomeness and attractiveness of a man, so it is advisable to walk with steady steps forward, the head held high, and the eyes looking forward, all of this gives a positive impression to others.

The smile

One of the things that increase the attractiveness of a man and make him look handsome is the smile from the heart, as it is advised that it is necessary to smile through the eyes, that is, by showing the natural smile that emanates from the eyes and the heart. It is worth noting that it is important to smile in front of a mirror, to improve the way a person smiles.

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