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Friday, April 3, 2020

Ways to Calm Yourself Down

Ways to Calm Yourself Down

This strategy is based on finding the ocean or the medium that helps the person feel calm when in them, such as the beach or the beach or even a certain cafe, and other places, and it is also possible to use other methods that notify the person of his presence there in times that are difficult for him In it, such as dreaming, drawing, or writing about this place, on the other hand, trying to walk in a garden and reach an angle in it to sit quietly for about 10 minutes may fulfill the purpose and keep the soul calm.

Breathe slowly

Breathing is applied to reduce feelings of stress by following these steps:
  •  Inhale and exhale deeply so that the stomach is inflated when inhale, and repeat this process five times.
  • In the meantime, it is necessary to imagine the exhaustion from the body with each exhalation.
  • Trying to smile, even if it requires counterfeiting, it is naturally difficult to keep the feelings of discomfort in conjunction with the smile on the face.
  • Repeat these steps while at work or home every few hours if necessary.

Close the eyes

 Closing the eyes are effective in attempts to achieve calmness of the soul, and perhaps this is because most of the sensory stimulation that the individual feels is through the eyes, and accordingly, specialists point out that the process of closing the eyes from time to time would give the brain the necessary rest for him, and not from It is necessary for the person to sleep to achieve this. Rather, he is satisfied with lying on the bed, closing the eyes to reach the desired goal.

Other calm education strategies

 The following points address some of the additional strategies that help to calm the nerves:
  •  Applying a solid object push like a wall for a short period, approximately 4-5 seconds, is effective in calming.
  • A 15-minute movement helps relieve nervously strain.

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