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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Ways to Think Outside the Box

Ways to Think Outside the Box

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Designed by Freepik

Thinking outside the box

We often hear the term (thinking outside the box), and everyone must have questioned its meaning when you first heard it, and if you we're hearing it for the first time, it means in a nutshell that you think about any problem you face as if you are not a party to it, get out of the box to find a solution to the problem that you suffer from.

 Evidence of your thinking inside the box

  •         You are a routine person.                                                       
  •          Often you cannot solve the problem that occurred to it so that someone else outside the problem came to solve it simply.

 How do you think outside the box

  •          Be ready for a big change: re-educate yourself, accept the idea that you should change your thinking, your lifestyle will change, as if you would reinvent the wheel, but you are the wheel.
  •          Learning terminology: Learn some of the terms that you must know what is meant for you to learn to think outside the box
  •         paraphrasing.
  •         Lateral thinking.
  •        Development methods.

 Characteristics of creative thinking people

Some people can come up with creative and unique ideas for problems, for them to have important qualities:

  •          Be prepared to think of new and sustainable perspectives at work.
  •          To think differently and with an open mind, focuses on thinking about the essence of the problem, and can accept different actions.
  •          Focus on finding new ideas, ways to work on them and the value of the action.
  •          Be prepared to strive diligently towards creating value by using the most recent methods.
  •          Be able to listen, nurture, respect and support others when they come up with creative ideas.
  •          To have the power to motivate you to imitate many who think (outside the box).

 Know the knot

 You have to know what is the problem or the node that prevents you from thinking outside the box and it deprives you of positive thinking / There are many possibilities, including:

  •          Negative attitudes.
  •         Fear of failure, and your desire for perfection.
  •         Complex administrative pressures and protocols.
  •          The rules, such as lack of flexibility, your inability or your subordinates, for example, to work on understanding the importance of gray areas.
  •       Your assumptions about others and the world, and expectations about your abilities that make you feel heavy on your shoulders.
  •        Excessive reasoning, logic is not the way to solve many problems, and also your presuppositions of what makes sense.

 Challenge imposed

 Not everything that is imposed and always was in this way is necessarily true, so many problems can be solved by changing everything that is customary it is sufficient for you to expect that these things do not change, it is precisely the thinking from within the box, and it causes misery and pain to you, and to change these things Do the following:
  •          Ask questions.
  •          Do not rush to conclusions.
  •          Look at the usual things differently.

Break the boring routine

 Repeating the work itself every day will disrupt the mind and creativity. You should reduce the routine in your life. Find ways to reduce the routine in your life. Do daily exercises such as yoga. Always make short trips, change your appearance, your actions, your reactions, the way you go to work and the method you use. Or go to work if the distance is short.

 Learn to brainstorm

 It will help you devise amazing new ideas to think outside of the box, so learn:
  •          Disturb your brain with mysteries, puzzles, and psychological tests, and challenge your mind to see things in a new way.
  •         If you don't like math, English, or science, make several attempts to get over your hatred, forcing your mind to think of different paths.
  •        Try to learn a new language.
  •         Try writing a poem.
  •         Show your problem solutions in diagrams or sketches.

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